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Redefining Nuts Production

The hazelnut is the hard-shelled fruit of the hazelnut tree. Hazelnuts, also known as filberts from European folklore, are believed to have originated over 5000 years ago in prehistoric China. Currently, the world’s top three producers of hazelnuts are Turkey, Italy, and the United States.

Today, at Kaunuts LTD we take best hazelnuts for you from Georgia, the second home of sun and nuts. Our hazelnuts are prized for their many health benefits, as well as for a wealth of culinary applications around the world.


  Carefully grown under
  Georgian sun.


  Carefully packed
  by best workers.


  Smart healthy addition
  to your meal.


  Right from trees
  to your table.

Why Choose Us

Experience through the years

Since 2014 we are bringing the best practices in hazelnut production to life. We’ve perfected the process for growing and processing hazelnuts so that you get hazelnuts that are fresh and flavorful. In fact, we often hear that people didn’t know hazelnuts could taste this good.

Our Mission

Is to bring perfect heathy product to your table and to make you happier.

Our Vision

Hard work during production and cultivation of our farm-fresh hazelnuts.

Our Partners

We specialize in intelligent & effective partnership with our customers all over the world. Bakeries, restaurants, shops and markets - we are proud to be their partners.


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